Contribute to more connected cities


Contribute to more connected cities

City-dwellers want to get around quickly, both within and between cities. Whether it is in bridges and tunnels, in highways and railways, in airports and stations, our construction solutions are used for most transport infrastructures contributing to more connected cities and helping the flow of traffic and people!

Our contribution

Getting round the city more quickly and more easily, from home to work or from one district to another, and traveling to other cities are needs shared by the inhabitants of many categories of cities.


To make journeys in town easier, we supply solutions that are used to build solid, sustainable and easy-to-maintain infrastructure.


Throughout the world, our cements, aggregates and concretes help make cities better connected: they are used for building the tram and metro lines, highways and railways, bridges and tunnels, ports, stations and airports that keep people moving and help inhabitants save time every day.


On the very biggest projects, we mobilize all our logistics and scientific resources to provide continuous delivery of our special purpose products in large quantities, when necessary on a 24/7 basis.