Contribute to more compact cities


Contribute to more compact cities

To help limit urban sprawl, we have devised solutions for vertical buildings and for the refurbishment of old buildings and rundown neighborhoods. By taking up less ground space, they help make cities more compact, while preserving the quality of life for inhabitants and making their daily travels easier.

Our contribution

To restrict urban sprawl and protect farming land as well as flora and fauna, cities have to find ways of growing without pushing their boundaries further.


Our solutions help cities become more compact and gain space on the ground so that homes, workplaces, public amenities and local services are all closer together. That means greater mobility and a better quality of life for inhabitants!


For every type of vertical construction, from the tallest skyscraper to a ground-level house converted into a 3-story building, we supply different qualities of concrete:


  • very high strength concrete for the foundations and the lower parts,


  • lightweight concrete for the upper parts,


  • insulating concrete for partitions at each level, etc.


Architects and urban planners seeking to convert disused waste lands and transform old neighborhoods for new uses can rely on our expertise in materials for a quality, long-lasting and cost-effective urban development.