Partnerships & events


Lafarge participates in a great many national and international events. The objective: to contribute to discussions on urbanism, architecture and sustainable construction.

2012: Lafarge at MIPIM on the Building Innovation stand

In March 2012, Lafarge took part in MIPIM, International Market for Real Estate Professionals in Cannes (France), dedicated to building management. This was an opportunity for the Group to strengthen its will to work in partnership with architects and the whole construction chain.
Within the frame of the "Building Innovation" program, dedicated to building management, the Group took part in a round table on affordable housing, as well as in 2 discussions:

  • A first one with architect Dominique Marrec about the Budin daycare center made using an innovative Ductal® solution for light facades and isolation from the outside.
  • The other one with Marie-France Bouet and Abbés Tahir from Arte Charpentier architecture agency, about a housing project in Algiers bay.

2011: partnering the French stand at the UIA Congress in Tokyo

UIA2011, the 24th World Congress of Architecture is being held on September 26-28, 2011 in Tokyo. In line with this year's theme "Design 2050", the International Council of French Architects (CIAF) which is collaborating with Lafarge on the creation of the French stand, is presenting 4 urban projects on the transformation of cities:

  • a project to rehabilitate military buildings in Grenoble;
  • the transformation of commercial and industrial business parks in residential areas of Montpellier;
  • development of a difficult neighborhood to improve integration in Lyon city center;
  • consideration of the future of Bordeaux and respect for its natural and cultural heritage.

In order to present major French innovations to architects from around the world, the CIAF wanted to work with innovative French industrial companies to produce France's stand, which has been designed by 2 architecture students. This is why it has been constructed using Ductal®, the ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete from Lafarge. This was an opportunity for the Group to emphasize the constructive dialogue it has developed with architects over the last 15 years. A close collaboration enabling it to make its products and applications evolve through innovative projects.

2011: ESCALES Casablanca

Between May 20th and June 12th 2011, Casablanca hosted the Escales exhibition, with the support of Lafarge. 4 architecture firms showcased their projets completed on both sides of the Mediterranean:


  • 5+1AA Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo (Paris-Genoa-Milan);
  • ECDM - Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec (Paris);
  • KILO Architectures - Linna Choi Tarik Oualalou Mustapha Chakib Abderrahim Kassou (Paris-Casablanca);
  • Pietri Architectes - Jean-Baptiste Pietri (Paris-Marseilles).


The exhibition was also an opportunity to capitalize on their various cultural backgrounds in order to tackle in their own way the Mediterranean architectural challenges, including urban networks renewal, city expansion and new territorial projects. They also had to take into account the specificities of the Southern Mediterranean and North Africa.