Working for Lafarge in Malawi


Lafarge aims at making every employee contribute to their full potential in their job. People development within Lafarge is a key driver for performance and change, supporting the achievement of key business challenges and strategies. For this reason, developing people and teams is a fundamental responsibility of all managers at Lafarge. For every area of people development, Lafarge promotes a variety of development practices at any level of the organisation.

Attracting and Engaging Great Talent: Our Value Proposition

We are World Leaders


We are world leaders in our industry, combining the power of one global team with the insight and agility of a knowlegeable local player. 


Lafarge employees in the Malawi share a strong sense of pride in the company's status as a global leader as well as deep rooted understanding of our local market and communities in which we operate.

We care about our People

We take care of our people to ensure their safety, well-being and ability to perform at their best.


We recognize that the success of our business depends on the talent and commitment of our people, and we are committed to providing a safe and supportive working environment where people feel able to perform to the best of their abilities. To emphasize our commitment to the environment, health and safety, June of each year is celebrated as the Health and Safety Month throughout the Business Unit and throughout the Lafarge world.


We offer wide-ranging opportunities for development

We offer wide-ranging opportunities for development across a diverse range of exciting and challenging roles.


Lafarge in the Malawi offers a diverse range of exciting and challenging roles, with strong on-the-job coaching and support, and great potential for both cross-functional and international mobility. 

We are leading change in our industry

We are leading change, shaping best practice, driving innovation and championing sustainability in the building materials industry.


Lafarge is a forward-looking company, offering employees the opportunity to play a leading role in setting new standards of quality, innovation and sustainability in a fast changing industry.

We help build communities and country

We make a tangible difference in our country and in the communities where in we operate and work.


We provide people with the opportunity to make a tangible and lasting difference to our country and communities in which we work, helping to build sustainable local infrastructure with local materials and local talent.