Find out about Lafarge's actions in the field, including projects involving local communities, health and preventive medicine programs, human resources policy and safety measures for employees and contractors.


Promoting diversity

Lafarge's success draws on the diversity of its 76,000 employees in 78 different countries. The Group:

  • encourages non-discrimination,
  • promotes the employment of handicapped people,
  • encourages worldwide mobility as a means to share best practices.


Lafarge's Sustainibility Ambitions called for 20% of the Group's senior executive management roles (Lafarge Hay grade 18+) to be filled by women by 2012. To achieve this, the Group appointed a Diversity & Inclusion Director in 2010. In addition, one third of its business units offered a specific recruitment and/or career development plan for women.


The Group's rules and internationalization policy require that the executive committee of each operational unit has at least 1 member who is not a native of the country where the unit is located.