Lafarge seeks to intensify local economic development and participate in community activities wherever it operates. It also offers sponsorship by granting scholarships in Zimbabwe, implementing in health education project in Benin, supporting a microcredit program in Indonesia or financing dispensaries in India

Establishing international and local sponsorships


Lafarge works closely with local populations to promote environmental, economic and social development around its sites.


The Group acts at 2 different levels:


  • at a global level, Lafarge develops partnerships to exchange opinions and expertise, establish a framework of local projects and improve the Group's performance. Lafarge has partnerships with:
    • WWF International, the global conservation organization, for environmental and biodiversity protection,
    • CARE, an organization involved in the fight against H.I.V./Aids.

  • at a local level, the Group initiates programs with local NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) and implements practical solutions to meet the needs of communities, for example here in Malawi through Sponsoring blind students, by constructing Hostel and Sanitation facilities for their resource centre in Makande, Ngabu.