Sustainable Development


The Group is convinced that sustained economic growth cannot occur without social progress, environmental protection and respect for local communities.

Discover the Group's values, its sustainable development priorities and its daily operations in the field.


CO2 Reduction


New CO2 Targets

The Group's 2nd generation CO2 objectives cover the entire construction chain. Lafarge is aiming to reduce its industrial CO2 emissions by 33% per ton of cement by 2020, to contribute to 500 sustainable construction projects, and to develop 10 new innovative products or solutions by 2015.




Sustainability ambitions

Health and safety, sustainable construction, climate change, water footprint... Read about the Group's progress in its new report.


Sponsorships and partnerships


Lafarge and WWF

Within its partnership with WWF running since 2001, the Group encourages local initiatives. Discover the videos of initiatives with WWF in Romania and in the USA.