Research & Innovation


Lafarge is a leader in research and innovation. We pursue to provide innovative building and construction solutions that lasts. Lafarge Cement Malawi recently launched three products namely; Khoma-a cement product meant for bricklaying, plastering and flooring for rural housing and Supaset-A cement product meant for high performing concretes e.g Stadiums, Bridges, Dams e.t.c


Innovations in the making

The Lafarge Research Center in France is the largest building materials laboratory in the world. Its activities are complemented by local teams in a network of technical centers around the globe. The technical center in North America, known as Corporate Technical Services, is located in Montreal.




Fruits of Creativity and Research

Lafarge strives to provide products that are innovative and offer high added value. We understand that customers have specific expectations of materials suppliers, so we are constantly striving for new architectural and structural solutions that can have a positive and sustainable impact on projects.


Science in our Materials


Implementation of Research findings

Scientific research enables Lafarge to understand the properties of its products in order to improve their performance and develop even greater innovations.

Lafarge's research teams study the microstructure of materials to gain a better understanding of their properties. Teams bring together a wide range of skills, from the technology of powders and rheology to hydration chemistry and mechanics.