Corporate Social Investment


Lafarge Cement Malawi  is  commited towards builing a better world for our communities, as such we have a CSR Policy that acts as a guide in identifying projects that require our support. Once identified, we consult the communities inorder to identify their needs and see how best we can help in addressing them. The key areas in which we focus our CSR Support include:


a. Health

Lafarge Cement Malawi takes health and safety as very core to its operations. The company reaches out to different communities, organizations and groups in health and safety need.


b. Education

An educated nation is a nation poised to effectively develop. As Lafarge we support all levels in the education system from primary, secondary to tertiary education.


c. Environment

Lafarge believes in environmental sustainability. We are involved in tree planting activities across the country with main focus on the communities in which we operate in.


d. HIV/AIDS and Orphans

Our CSR Policy commits our constant involvevment in helping to create HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, counselling,and testing fro free to the community surronding our plant.  We also support orphans and the vulnerable groups like the blind in various ways