Market overview


The building materials market in Malawi has been developing steadily over the years. The Malawi government has taken infrastructure development as very key to foster economic growth.




A focus on sustainable growth

For Lafarge worldwide, there is a clear focus on sustainable growth, despite a challenging short-term economic outlook. Overall, Lafarge is reporting the best performance in the sector in the last 3 years, while maintaining a solid financial structure.


Market opportunities

The Malawi cement market has been growing at an average of CAGR 7.5% in recent years largely driven by infrastructure developments projects. The growth is expected to hold as a result of increased infrastructure project which among other things include railway projects, roads, stadium, bridges, power station etc. This growth will impact cement demand. An annual population growth of 2.8% and urbanization at a higher rate 4.7% than the Africa region (3.2%) is expected to drive growth for housing & related infrastructural facilities and increase consumption per capita


Cement consumption per capita estimated at 27kg (2011) is still the lowest in the Southern Africa, indicating profound opportunities for growth as the economy continues to registers growth. Lafarge Cement Malawi is the market leader and the company strives to maintain its market position by among other thing offering innovative products and services.