Sector overview


Worldwide sector overview

The worldwide building materials sector is undergoing profound changes. Emerging economies are driving global demand, while concern for the environment is inspiring innovation in building materials and methods.

Building Materials Sector

The Malawi construction and building materials market is undergoing profound changes. The sector has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of volume of activities and sophistication of needs. Demand for complex specifications is becoming increasingly apparent. Cement users are also becoming more interested in a wide variety of alternatives that are available to them for construction and this also applies to the use of cement.


In addition, as the construction industry grows, some traditional building raw materials and products are coming under pressure and alternative solutions are being sought to replace the existing raw materials. An example of this is the growing concern about the negative impact on the environment caused by wide use of burnt clay bricks.  This concern is seeing burn clay bricks being replaced by soil stabilized blocks(ssbs), cement bricks and blocks in construction.


Lafarge Cement Malawi envisaged this evolution in customer needs. The company has introduced DuraBric cement a cement product specifically for the production of Soil Stabilized Blocks(SSBs). This product aims to provide the solution to the rampant deforestation caused to by the increasing demand for wood to burn artisan bricks.