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Lafarge Cement Malawi has one plant situated in the Southern Region of Malawi and this is also its headquaters. It also has a depot in Lilongwe, which is the Capital City of Malawi for serving its customers in the Central and Northern regions of the nation This section lists contact information for Lafarge in Malawi. You can also reach us using the comment/ feedback form. Please don't hesitate to send us your thoughts, suggestions and questions.

FAQ 1 : Head Office

Physical address:


Makata Heavy Industrial Area, Plot no NY318


Postal Address:


P O Box 523,




Tel: +265 1 871 933

Fax: +265 1871  026


FAQ 2 : Sales




Tel: 01 870 031


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Industrial ecology

How to create value from waste

Large amounts of natural resources, particularly minerals and fossil fuels, are used to manufacture cement. For many years the Group has been working to reduce the environmental impact of its activities by finding ways to obtain value from waste products.

LafargeHolcim. Cement, aggregates, Concrete.